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AmericanAirlines (its name is often abbreviated to the simple "American") isconsidered the leader in passenger traffic worldwide. For example, over thepast year, this air carrier made flights equal to about 250 millionpassenger-kilometers. This unusual unit of measurement is obtained bymultiplying the number of passengers in a company by the distance they haveflown.

Aircraft fleet

The company'sair fleet consists of 650 airliners, among which there are different models ofthe Boeing and Airbus brands.

Services onboard

Seats in the aircraft cabin have extra legroom and personal screens with a wide range of entertainment programs. All passengers will be provided with food and drinks during the flight. If you need a special meal, then you should take care of this in advance and order the menu 24 hours before departure.

Passengers with infants can pre-order cot and special baby food. All wide-body aircraft are equipped with changing tables. You can take a car seat on board and transport an arcane stroller in the luggage compartment for free.

The airline offers services for accompanying a minor child. For such a trip, you need to prepare documents in advance and pay 150 USD. Women from the 36th week of pregnancy must have a doctor's certificate of permission to fly. On some flights, for an additional fee, you can connect to Wi-Fi.

Business Class

Business-class is equipped with comfortable seating with additional space for work and rest. Also, passengers of this class will be offered a large selection of drinks, snacks, and delicious meals.

Business-class passengers are provided with a travel kit and pajamas. The free baggage allowance has been increased - 32 kg.

Loyalty program

Members of the Advantageloyalty program will earn miles when they fly with American Airlines and other partner airlines. There are tons of options for using your accumulated miles: getting an award flight, upgrading, booking hotels, ordering a taxi, and much more.

Contact Information

AmericanAirlines Reservations Phone Number: +1 800 433 73 00, +1 817 963 12 34.

Representativeoffice in Russia: Moscow, st.Pyatnitskaya, 71/5, building 2, floor 5, office501, BC "Sytin"; tel.: +7 495 641 51 21, +7 910 003 29 02.

How do you check in with American Airlines?

Thanks to the online check-in service offered by American Airlines, travelers can anticipate their flight! Online service allows the traveler to check-in between 24 hours and 2 hours before the flight. The traveler can also print his boarding pass.

Baggage allowance and additional charges

Checked baggage on American Airlines has a maximum authorized weight of 23 kilos. The maximum dimension of suitcases in the hold must not exceed 157 cm (length + width +height). It is possible to check in the second piece of luggage for 75 euros.AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Platinum, and Gold Members are entitled to fly with 2 checked bags of 23 kilos each on American Airlines. 3 pieces of luggage are allowed in First and Business Class. Passengers can take 2 pieces of hand baggage on American Airlines. The first-hand baggage must have a maximum dimension of 56x35x23 centimeters. The second piece of luggage can be a bag, briefcase, or similar personal item. American Airlines accepts a maximum size of 91 centimeters for the second bag (length + width + height).

The choice of seats

Customers can purchase an aisle or window seat 24 hours before the departure of the American Airlines flight, through the reservation department, on the website, or at the check-in kiosks.

Excess baggage limits and fees

Hand baggage

Each customer has the right to carry 1 volume as hand luggage in economy class and 2 volumes in business class, respecting the limits that cannot exceed 8 kg and the sum of its dimensions (length, width, and height) cannot exceed the total of 115centimeters. You can also take one of these items: a Laptop, a shoulder bag or briefcase, and or a backpack. Customers with hand luggage outside the standards established above will be referred to the check-in to carry out the luggage.

Checked baggage

Passengers must report to one of the service points at the airports at least 60 minutes before the flight's departure time. A longer period is recommended when dealing with special baggage. The weight limits for domestic flights will be Adult passengers- total weight of 23 kg; between 2 and 12 incomplete years - total weight of 23kg; up to 24 months you can take hand luggage up to 5 kg. For domestic, Transpacific, or Transatlantic flights the baggage allowance is up to 10volumes with a total weight of 23 kg and for flights to South America, Central, and the Caribbean the limit is up to 5 volumes, but check here baggage handling costs. Excess baggage must be paid at the places indicated by the employees at the time of the baggage delivery, where the amount to be paid will be calculated.

American Airlines ticket cancellation policy

According to the airline's official website, canceling your reservation with American Airlines will depend on the type of ticket you purchased. This large carrier offers electronic tickets as well as paper tickets, in different flight classes, including first-class and economy class. Unless you have purchased a paper ticket, you can usually change or cancel your reservation online. Some itineraries, especially on paper tickets, may require you to call or visit an authorized agent.

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