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Enjoy your voyage with Avianca airlines

Founded in 1919, the airline Avianca takes the name that was known in 1940. It is the oldest airline still in activity on the American continent. Based at Eldoradointernational airport in Bogota, Avianca serves nearly 70 destinations thanks to its impressive fleet of 207 aircraft. It also has codeshare agreements with many international companies such as Aeroméxico, Air Canada, or united airlines. It has also been part of the star alliance since 2012 and has its loyalty program called Life miles.

Airlines Avianca Your entryway to exceptional travel experiences at reasonable prices is Airprecio. Avianca Airlines has made a name for itself as a dependable alternative for travelers looking for excellent discounts without compromising comfort and quality because to its dedication to offering affordable solutions.

With Avianca Airlines, finding the best Airprecio discounts is simple. You can find flights that meet your budget by going to their official website. You may tailor your search according on your vacation dates, places, and preferences thanks to the user-friendly UI.


Airline tickets with Avianca

With the online searchengine, you can find low-cost flights on traditional or low-cost airlines like Avianca.Try an online search engine and discover the different solutions available toyou with Avianca. If you have a smartphone and want to be informed of thestatus of your flight wherever you are, download the app for free to find yourflights at the best price anytime, anywhere!

Booking Process and Tips

When you've located the ideal Airprecio offer, making a reservation is simple. Enter your information, select any additional services you want, and then pay. To ensure the best availability and pricing, it is advised to make your airline reservations well in advance.


How do you check-in online for an Avianca flight?

With Avianca, itis possible to check-in online on the company's website or mobile applicationfrom 24 hours to 3 hours before departure. To do this, all you need to do isidentify yourself using your reservation reference or your company's loyaltyprogram member number, as well as the date of your trip.

Note, however,that online check-in is not available for groups of more than 8 people on thesame booking or passengers traveling on a flight with more than 2 connections.Likewise, on flights combining several airlines, it will only be possible tocheck-in on the flight operated by Avianca.

During check-in,passengers will be able to choose their seats and make certain changes to theirreservations. They can then generate their boarding pass and will have to printit or download it to their smartphone so that they can show it to airport staffon the day of their trip.

Travelerswishing to check-in baggage can also obtain the tag for their baggage and willonly have to drop it off at the baggage drop counter provided for this purpose.Those who only travel with hand luggage will be able to go directly to theboarding area.

Finally, notethat if you have booked your Avianca plane tickets via travel company, you cancheck-in online directly on the travel company website or mobile application.

In-Flight Experience with Avianca Airlines

The experience of flying with Avianca Airlines is delightful. The airline takes great pleasure in providing passengers with a relaxing and enjoyable travel experience. Expect a relaxing and reasonably priced trip with roomy seating and courteous cabin service.


Destinations and Routes Covered

A wide variety of domestic and foreign destinations are serviced by Avianca Airlines Airprecio. You can choose routes that fit your travel schedule, whether you're thinking of a beach vacation or a cultural excursion.


Traveling with Family and Friends

Bringing loved ones on a trip? Family holidays and group getaways are great candidates for Avianca Airlines Airprecio because of its exceptional group pricing. Benefit from discounted rates and the convenience of booking many tickets at once.


Business Class vs. Economy Class: Making the Right Choice

Avianca Airlines offers Business Class and Economy Class choices to suit a variety of traveler interests. Determine which class best meets your needs and improves your overall travel experience by evaluating your travel requirements.


Travel Insurance and Additional Services

When planning your flights, give travel insurance some thought for more peace of mind. The extensive coverage offered by Avianca Airlines Airprecio ensures that you are guarded against unforeseen circumstances when traveling.


COVID-19 Safety Measures

The safety of its customers is a top priority for Avianca Airlines in these unusual times. To ensure everyone's safety when traveling, strict health and safety regulations are in place.


Entertainment Options During the Flight

Avianca offers a variety of entertainment options that make even long trips entertaining. Everyone may find something to keep them occupied on the trip, from movies to music.Enjoy a gourmet adventure while traveling by ship. You may enjoy a variety of delectable dishes on Avianca Airlines Airprecio, offering a satisfying eating experience at 35,000 feet.


Contact information

At the Aviancacustomer service phone numbers, you can make inquiries, request information, make claims, or contract services and products. Number is (0 810) 333-8222.Lost luggage phone: (0 800) 999-9973.

Your checked baggage with Avianca

On flights operated by Avianca, the number and weight of checked baggage are allowed depending on the destination of the flight and the class of travel.

For flights between Canada and Colombia: the hold baggage allowance is 23 kg for all passengers except those in possession of a ticket at the promo fare who may carry two pieces of 23 kg baggage and those traveling at the promo fare who will be able to carry two of 32 kg each. The sum of the three dimensions of each piece of baggage cannot exceed 158 cm.

Members of the life miles program or other star alliance loyalty program also benefit from additional baggage allowances.

If you want to take more baggage than your allowance allows, be aware that you can purchase additional baggage allowances.

Services onboard

Avianca has several services on board. In economy class, on international flights, the company offers two types of menus depending on the duration of the flight. The dishes happen to be attended by drinks and an authentic Colombiansweet dish. Passengers with precise dietary requirements can ask for them during booking. In business class, passengers enjoy a wide choice of dishes, as well as desserts and drinks. Many entertainments such as movies, music, or video games are also available to passengers.

Avianca flight canceled

Of course, Aviancamakes every effort to limit the number of canceled flights. But despite all these efforts, cancellations can still occur. Avianca's policy is to offer replacement flights to its customers. Accepting a replacement flight does not necessarily affect your right to compensation. Compensation is governed by state regulation, which stipulates the circumstances engaging the liability of the airline in the event of a disrupted flight.

Compensation for canceled flight

Determining whether you can claim compensation for a canceled flight is not always easy. Indeed, many factors come into play and the process can sometimes drag on. Through Avianca official website, you can check the eligibility of your application free of charge and entrust us with the management of your file. You just need to know the date and the flight number. If your request is valid, the team of experts will take care of winning your case for you as soon as possible. If successful, compensation will be paid directly to your bank account, without you having to do anything. If for any reason, the airline refuses to compensate you, the legal department will be happy to take legal action on your behalf to assert your rights.

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FAQs for Avianca Airlines Reservations information

¿Ofrecen vuelos dentro de México? ¿Estás buscando respuestas rápidas a tus problemas? Puedes contactar a American Airlines para atención al cliente en español en México al 01-800-904-6000 o +1-860-200-8850. Los representantes de la aerolínea se comunicarán contigo en breve y te brindarán asistencia con una variedad de problemas relacionados con tu vuelo.

Debes marcar el número de teléfono de AA México 01-800-904-6000 y seguir las instrucciones del IVR. A continuación, podrás realizar reservas de vuelos, cancelaciones y solicitudes de reembolso, y obtener información detallada sobre la política de equipaje.

Sin embargo, ten en cuenta que el horario de atención es de lunes a domingo de 7 am a 11 pm. También existen números de contacto específicos para diferentes ciudades de México.

Para las personas en Ecuador, American Airlines cuenta con un servicio telefónico dedicado. Para hablar con alguien de American Airlines, marca el Número de Servicio al Cliente de Ecuador 02-299-5000. Pronto, los expertos de la oficina en Ecuador se pondrán en contacto contigo para ayudarte a obtener respuestas.

Incluso puedes enviar quejas, hacer preguntas y presentar reclamos. Esta línea telefónica atiende principalmente a dos ciudades mediante el servicio telefónico en Ecuador.

Si llamas desde Quito, marca 02-299-5000. Si necesitas asistencia desde Guayaquil, llama al 04-259-8800. Para obtener más detalles, ponte en contacto con un agente de servicio al cliente en español de American Airlines. Para obtener información adicional, comunícate directamente con la oficina de Servicio al Cliente de American.

¿Te preguntas acerca del Servicio al Cliente Instantáneo en El Salvador? Comunícate con la línea de atención al cliente de El Salvador al 2298-0777 y espera a que un agente se ponga en contacto contigo. Este número está disponible en todo el país y puedes recibir ayuda de inmediato. Además, puedes comunicarte en tu idioma preferido para facilitar la comunicación con los expertos de AA.

Avianca Airlines Airprecio covers both domestic and international flights, offering a wide range of travel options.

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