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Domestic Flight

LAX - LAS10 Dec - 9 Jan
ATL - ORL10 Dec - 9 Jan
HOU - CHI10 Dec - 9 Jan
HOU - ORD10 Dec - 9 Jan
CHI- IAH10 Dec - 9 Jan

International Flights

NYC - PAR10 Dec - 9 Jan
BOS - DUB10 Dec - 9 Jan
CHI - AMS10 Dec - 9 Jan
BOS - ZRH10 Dec - 9 Jan
NYC - ROM10 Dec - 9 Jan

Airfare Deals

NYC- BCN10 Dec - 9 Jan
BOS - LHR10 Dec - 9 Jan
NYC - CPH10 Dec - 9 Jan
LAX - BJS10 Dec - 9 Jan
MIA - ATH10 Dec - 9 Jan

Google Flights Usa Phone Number

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We usually find various kinds of travellers who are proficient in their way of using Google Flights, but there are really only two kinds of them. One, someone who just uses the Simple Search option and then books their flight. Second, someone who has the actual knowledge on how to find the right flight via Google Flights to go where they want to. This blog will focus on how you can become the second type of travellers. This would cover a wide range of topics including the best deals via Google Flights, and a walkthrough on the Simple Booking process that can be followed through this. Hopefully, this blog will make you overly proficient in its usage.

Google Flights – How do you Start Booking?

This section will take you through a simple booking process that can be carried out from the official Google Flights website. It would be great if the site can be accessed via incognito mode if you are searching for a flight for quite some time. There are possibilities that you would get a strenuous number of lists with high ticket prices, so make sure to filter in the criteria whether the trip would be one way or a round trip. You can even book flights for several cities at once. Select the total number of passengers now, i.e. if you are planning to travel with your kids or alone. Then you can choose which class do you want to travel in. Moving forward, you would need to enter the name of the city wherein you want to take the flight from, and then the city where you want to go to. Choose the date from the calendar section given over there. If you are looking out for affordable ticket fares, then the section would be marked in green. Search to find the perfect flight for you. You can choose from the myriad list of options available with regards to the flights available for your trip. You can start tracking the correct price that suits you, and if you are able to find a good enough deal then you can enable notification to start receiving daily updates. Your Gmail account needs to be active for using this feature, and the Date Grid shows you the best possible fares for booking from top to bottom. You can even scroll from left to right to change the arrival and departure dates.

The Price Graph Feature Google Flights

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Once you have set everything you can ow check the Price Graph feature which would give you the total costing with respect to a particular trip. For instance, if you have selected a 4-day trip, the fare would be with respect to 5-day trip. You can even select the nearby airport from the Airport’s option available which can have lower rates compared to the selected one. Google Flights also provides us a variety of other filters in case the fliers have a particular requirement to fulfill, apart from the ones that have been mentioned above.

More Information about Filters


Let us begin with information about bags. You are allowed to have a carry bag, and the prices can vary with respect to airline rates. Later on, you can decide whether you have the requirement for a non-stop flight, or you want to make stops in between. The option can be found in the airline’s filter. Post which the price filter can help you as per the budget requirements. Let’s say if you want to catch the flight for a specific time, like on a morning or in the night, then you can choose it in the Times section. The final section is the Connecting Airports which provides you with the choice for selecting the flight layover place. If you have a location in mind, you can choose it from here. Google Flights will show you the said options as per your filter after which you can select Go. We have now looked into all the available options, and now we would go on with booking the tickets for the passenger. Once you have pressed Go, all the options would appear containing the list of flights. You can select the one that is best suited as per your essentials. You now need to select the departure flight, and the procedure is specifically designed for round way trips. If you have a one-way trip, then you only need to select one timing. Google Flights will then take you through a series of websites wherein you can book your tickets. Some of the websites will take you to the main airlines’ portal while others can be third party ones.

How to use Google Flights like a Pro?

You now know how to book your plane tickets via Google Flights, its features and the multiple options that it provides. But you would need to be a pro at times, and we will give you the exact tools on how to be one for Google Flights. The method is designed for those who are regular travellers, for those who have Flexi-flight timings, and for the wanderlusts. You can do all of that be following some of the simplest steps given below. Whilst you are on the booking section, enter the departure city name and hit Search. Do not fill up anything on the city of arrival and the specific dates. When you hit the Search option, the Google Flights section will show you an ample number of places that you can visit at minimal rates. But at times you might get places with low rates, OR you might not. Navigate to the Go-To Dates section, and you get the option to choose the flexible date option. Over here you can select the number of weeks and months that you want to spend at the destination. Once you fill that and click on Done, you can see the various options consisting of low airfares along with various destinations. If you still think that the price range is too high, then you can select the price range bar and drag it down to the lowest possible range. Select the place that you need to go, and on the following page, choose View Flights. The process is again repeated thereon as per the above information.

Additional Features on Google Flights

The features that were mentioned above were only with respect to booking the flight tickets. Some other additional features with respect to Google Flights can prove to be vital if you want to know more about the city or if you need to book a hotel. Let us take a closer look at some of these features point by point. Trips If you face any difficulties while keeping the history of your searches, then you can navigate to the Trips option. It is the online storage where all the information regarding the city, its available flights, and hotel information are kept. So, the next time, you won’t face any problems in finding the details again. It can even keep your search history and all of the related searches as well.

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Google Flights Explore

If you want details about one city and you want to explore more, then the Explore feature is the one you should choose. Once you open it, the complete details with respect to your selected city will be listed out here. There are three sub-features mentioned in there which is why Google Flights is different from its counterparts, Travel Guide – It contains all of the best suggestions for the spot that you have selected. It contains a short briefing about the city, location map, and articles pointing out to multiple sources of the city, videos that you can enjoy, and the nearest places that you can check out. Destinations – You will get the details about the famous spots in the city. Some of the options that you can select from here include Travel Guide, Flight to the Location and Hotels. Things To Do – You can check out some of the activities and different places that are present in this section for your selected city. For some of the cities, a separate option called the “one day” appears which means that this attraction can be visited for one specific day only.

Google Flights

The peculiars about this feature have already been mentioned in the sections above.

Google Hotels

This feature has been recently introduced in the Google Flights. This section gives you an overview of the best hotels present as per the city and the spot that you select. You can start off by giving the name of the city, the dates at which you would be arriving, and the number of guests that would be with you. Some of the other filters that can be used include, Guest Ratings, Amenities, Brands, etc. if you are looking out for some good deals on the hotels. Once you click on More Filters, then the section will give you some great deals that are present for the hotels. Once this is done, you get a comprehensive list of all the available hotels. Select the hotel as per your needs and on the following page, you will get five unique options to choose from, these include, Overview – with regards to the hotel you are staying at, and it's past rates. Reviews – best review of the place. Location – with regards to the hotel and its nearest landmark. About – gives you some of the finer details about the place. Photos – that would be helpful for you to recognise and judge before you book it.

Find Google Holiday Packages

This is the final option that is available in the Google Flights section wherein you can put the city of departure and the city of arrival. Google Flights will now provide you with the list of choices containing the packages option. The options are available as per the country, which is why India would not have the option, but the United States of America does. Some of these packages include the Flight tickets and reservations for the hotel. You can search for more information at for all of the places that are there in your bucket list. Well, this is how you weave your way through the Google Flights section. We bet that once you are doing going through this walkthrough session, you would be able to book flights day in and day out like a pro, and hopefully you get your hands on some exciting deals here.

Price shown on google flights includes taxes. Google flight is search only platform which shows you the cheapest flight. Instead, Google Flights will pass you on to the airline's website where you can book directly.

As you know google is not selling the flights, you should always check the policy of whichever airlines you purchase from, as well as any restrictions with the particular fare you've bought.

Google Flights is known for finding the absolutely cheapest fares across all airlines, even the small budget carriers. As Google Flights doesn't have Southwest, but Meta search does. But Google Flights is expanding the number of online travel agencies they work with.

Go to, Choose your desired currency by clicking on 3 horizontal lines on top left corner from 7th option of change currency. Enter your departure and destination city in the search bar.Right above the search bar, you can select your trip type(round trip, one way or multi-city), number of passengers and cabin type( First class, business or economy).Select your date from the calendar next to the search bar.Click on Search and there you have all of your flight options.Choose a flight as per your preferred timing and fare. 

Tips to find cheaper flights:
Book at-least 7-8 weeks in advance.
Best buying time: Tuesdays at 3 p.m.Flying on Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday are usually cheaper.
It is always suggested to find Low Cost Airlines separately.
Sign up for free price alerts.

Go to and search for the airports you want to travel. Click on the calendar and select the month you want to travel which displays the cheapest prices for every day of the month. Look for separate flights to a connecting city. Look for low cost airlines to book separately.

Choose your departure flight. If this is a round trip, select a return flight as well. Review your flight date and timing from the Trip Summary page. Click SELECT. It will route you to airline's website. Complete the purchase on the airline's website.

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