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NYC - PAR10 Dec - 9 Jan
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Qantas Airways Flight Change Policy, Change Fee

Qantas Airways is one of the world's oldest operating airlines. Due to a variety of circumstances, including world-class facilities, exclusive offerings, and it’s the flight change policy of Qantas, the Australian flag airline has been able to maintain its original form.

Qantas Airlines Flight Change Policy

1. Qantas Ticket Change Policy: Main Highlights

The Qantas ticket change policy is straightforward, and it is intended to give travelers complete control over their journey. It saves you both time and money without causing you any inconvenience. Here's a sneak peek:

  • If travelers make modifications to their tickets within the airline's free change period, they are completely free.
  • Passengers who have purchased insurance have the opportunity to cancel their tickets for free up to 24 hours before the departure date.
  • The passengers would be compensated for the inconvenience if the flight was canceled by the carrier.
  • If travelers elect to reschedule their trip dates, the airline will waive the change cost.
  • Changes in destination, whether domestic or international, are not permitted by Qantas Airlines.

2. Qantas Ticket Name Change Policy

The Qantas Airlines name change policy establishes the conditions under which a name change is permitted for some domestic purchases and corporate fares.

For an overseas flight, Qantas does not allow name changes; however, in the event of an emergency, you can call customer support.

Online requests for name changes will be ignored. You can contact the airline's customer service centers. Please be aware that your name change request may be subject to a modest service fee.

3. Qantas Ticket Date Change Policy

Bookings for groups are given particular consideration. If you have multiple tickets bought and wish to make modifications to one of them, make sure to keep the ticket separate from the rest of the booking. Qantas Airlines would issue a new booking reference to passengers who had their tickets modified.

Date changes are only possible based on the passengers' booked fares.

4. Qantas Airlines Destination Change Policy

Passengers can modify their destinations by asking it from the airlines, and the difference will be credited as trip credits. Passengers can then make a new reservation with a different destination.

If you've booked a round trip and wish to alter your destination, you can easily retrieve your reservation by entering your flight information. Select "Find Flight" and enter a different destination for your flight.

Qantas Airlines Change Policy

The airline has provided a variety of options to make the changes in order to make travel easier for passengers all over the world. Enjoy the list of options below and select your preferred method for making changes to your Qantas ticket.

Modifying your ticket online is probably one of the simplest ways to make any changes. Passengers would not have to pay anything if they changed their flight online, as per Qantas' policy.

Qantas Flight Change Rules

Passengers are subjected to several rules imposed by the airlines in order to maintain the airlines' exemplary policies.

Passengers also must use their flight credits within 12 months after booking. Else, the authority can forfeit the money.

Passengers must pay the service fee when using Qantas Airlines' assistance center or ticket office.

Passengers would be responsible for the difference if the new booking is more expensive than the prior one.

Qantas Same Day Flight Change Policy

Qantas' ultra-flexible same-day flight change policy lets travelers have any necessary modifications to their tickets with no incurring any fees. But they need to make the changes on the same day as the booking.

The customers must purchase tickets at least 7 days prior to the departure date in order for the airline to accommodate any adjustments requested by the passengers.

However, if you want to change your ticket after the free window, you'll have to pay a little price set by the airline.

Qantas Airlines 24-hour Change

Unexpected emergency events can occur at any time, but Qantas has put together some special measures to protect your travel in certain scenarios.

Qantas Airlines' 24-hour policy allows travelers to make changes to their tickets with not paying a change fee if they do so within 24 hours of buying.

If the passengers are unable to make the adjustments within 24 hours, they will require to pay any fees associated with the changes.

If the cost of the revised flight is more than the cost of the previous ticket, the passengers will be responsible for the difference, even if the customers make the adjustments within the specified time frame.

Qantas Airlines Change Fee

The airline goes above and above to deliver a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, if travelers do not adhere to Qantas' flight change rules, they will be charged a nominal cost.

The change fee for Qantas are as follows:

  • Passengers who booked a domestic flight through contact centers must pay a fee of ten dollars to make adjustments to their tickets.
  • Passengers purchasing a domestic flight through group sales or Qantas Airport stores will pay a fee of 45 USD to change their flight.
  • If a traveler changes their flight on an international flight, they will be charged a fee of USD 75.
  • Passengers who wish to make any changes to their flight to or from New Zealand with Qantas must pay a fee of 77 USD.
  • If the passenger makes the modifications online, they will not be charged a service fee. However, if the passenger makes the changes offline, they have to bear a charge of $60 to make any necessary changes.
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