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Domestic Flight

LAX - LAS10 Dec - 9 Jan
ATL - ORL10 Dec - 9 Jan
HOU - CHI10 Dec - 9 Jan
HOU - ORD10 Dec - 9 Jan
CHI- IAH10 Dec - 9 Jan

International Flights

NYC - PAR10 Dec - 9 Jan
BOS - DUB10 Dec - 9 Jan
CHI - AMS10 Dec - 9 Jan
BOS - ZRH10 Dec - 9 Jan
NYC - ROM10 Dec - 9 Jan

Airfare Deals

NYC- BCN10 Dec - 9 Jan
BOS - LHR10 Dec - 9 Jan
NYC - CPH10 Dec - 9 Jan
LAX - BJS10 Dec - 9 Jan
MIA - ATH10 Dec - 9 Jan

Qatar Airways Flight Change Policy, Change Fee

To talk about Qatar Airways is to talk about one of the most reputable airlines in the world. It is one of the youngest ones that fly over the six continents. It is something that is only possible by offering daily flights to more than 150 destinations in state-of-the-art aircraft.

The Qatari company was founded in 199. It has received numerous international awards that endorse its excellence at all levels. It has been awarded for its efficient business management. The customer service has also been valued customer they offer. That is something that you can check yourself if you want to cancel a Qatar Airways flight since they tend to have fewer problems and offer more facilities than other airlines.

Keep your ticket

Keep your ticket and use it when you are ready. Thanks to the extension of the validity of tickets 2 years from the date of issue. This is done for greater flexibility according to Qatar Airways change policy.

Unlimited changes

You can change the date and destination of your trip within the same class of the reservation. You can do it as many times as you need and at no cost. (They will apply the fare difference.)

Voucher with an additional 10% over the original value

For reservations made on or in our app, you can also exchange the unused value of your ticket for a travel voucher with an additional 10% over the original value.

Ticket Refund

You can also receive the unused value of your ticket in the original form of payment. It will be issued without penalties or reimbursement costs.

Changes in reservation

Qatar Airways is launching an unprecedented new cancellation and change policy. It translates into great flexibility and cost savings for travelers later this year. In a statement late last week, the Doha-based airline shared that its new promotion policy for the remainder of the year would allow free, unlimited changes to any flights booked and traveled during the remainder of the year.

You can only make changes to the reservation through its website. It is the case when are buying a type of ticket that allows it. If so, you will see a "Change flight" button appear just below the flight details. You can change flights as many times as the chosen fare allows.

You can only make changes to your reservation when you have booked the flight through or at a Qatar Airways office. It happens like you cannot see the option to change your reservation via the Internet. It is because it is not possible to change it. This is something that happens when the ticket reservation is waiting. If you bought a registered ticket or the itinerary is too complex (you have booked flights to several cities), this may happen. It is also a case when you go with a discount rate like those offered to companies or travel agencies.

Tariff rules - Conditions for the change

  1. The commission for change that is Qatar Airways change fee is applied according to the category of the member. It is the commission per passenger with a card.
  1. Any change made more than 24 hours before departure:
  • Gold or Platinum main member - No applicable cancellation fee
  • Travel of Silver or Burgundy members, or family members or guests of Gold or Platinum members - a commission of 25 USD will apply
  • Any changes made between 3 and 24 hours before departure:
  • Travel of a main Gold or Platinum category member - no applicable cancellation fee
  • Travel of Silver or Burgundy members, or family members or guests of Gold or Platinum members - a commission of 100 USD will apply
  • Changes in the three hours prior to, or after departure is considered as a no-show:
  • Qmiles and Cash collected will be lost
  • Only government fees will be refunded.

Unlimited date changes for all Qatar Airways 2021 tickets

Qatar Airways change booking will continue to focus on flexibility in the coming year. Qatari Airlines demonstrated the same. It happened after announcing that it will offer passengers unlimited date changes for all trips made before December 31, 2021, and refunds free of charge. Qatar Airways change flight date and the destination offer is within the same booking class.

In addition, the company is also offering the option of exchanging tickets. It is for a travel voucher with an additional 10% value. All customers who book their trips through are available with the offer. The process to redeem a travel voucher is quick and easy. The passengers request it on the web and receive the voucher within 48 hours.

According to Qatar Airways, it has already reimbursed almost 30 million euros to its customers in Spain since March of this year and more than 1.65 billion dollars in global figures.

At these moments, the airline continues to remake its flight network. It currently has more than 100 destinations and expects to reach 126 next March.

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