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LAX - LAS10 Dec - 9 Jan
ATL - ORL10 Dec - 9 Jan
HOU - CHI10 Dec - 9 Jan
HOU - ORD10 Dec - 9 Jan
CHI- IAH10 Dec - 9 Jan

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NYC - PAR10 Dec - 9 Jan
BOS - DUB10 Dec - 9 Jan
CHI - AMS10 Dec - 9 Jan
BOS - ZRH10 Dec - 9 Jan
NYC - ROM10 Dec - 9 Jan

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NYC- BCN10 Dec - 9 Jan
BOS - LHR10 Dec - 9 Jan
NYC - CPH10 Dec - 9 Jan
LAX - BJS10 Dec - 9 Jan
MIA - ATH10 Dec - 9 Jan

Turkish Airlines Cancellation Policy - Refund Policy

Turkish Airlines happens to be the authorized airline of Turkey and use to be headquartered at Ataturk Airport. It happens to be the fourth-largest airline in the world with regard to the number of destinations it handles. Turkish Airlines happens to operate in 261 destinations in Africa, Asia, Europe, and America. Turkish Airlines, as well as having full passenger traffic, also use to carry freight to 47 destinations globally. Passengers traveling with Turkish Airlines use to have every right to ask for compensation if they suffer any suspension in their flights.

Easy Ticket Cancellation With Turkish Airlines

The company is not responsible for cancellations due to any exceptional circumstances. Unless it can demonstrate this, the passenger can get compensation, if however he has not been notified at least two weeks before.

Turkish Airlines must also provide assistance depending on the length of the wait. It must also offer its passengers the choice between re-routing or reimbursing their tickets.

The compensation, in this case, can go up to 600 euros, and is calculated as follows:

250 euros: for all Turkish Airlines flights with a distance of at least 1500 kilometers.

400 euros: for all the intra-Community flights above a distance of 1,500 kilometers and all further flights over a distance between 1,500 to 3,500 kilometers.

600 euros: for all other Turkish Airlines flights over 3,500 kilometers.

Ticket Cancellations Made Easier With Turkish Airlines

If Turkish Airlines cancels your flight, you get entitlement to compensation as long as it originates or ends at any European Union airport and you have been notified of the incident less than 14 days in advance.

In case you got the notice less than 14 days in advance and get the offer of an alternative flight. Then you have to look at the time difference with the original flight.

You will be entitled to compensation if the alternative flight meets these conditions:

There is notice between 7 and 14 days in advance. And the departure is more than 2 hours in advance or arrival more than 4 hours late.

If there are noticeably less than 7 days in advance. And departure is more than 1 hour in advance or arrival more than 2 hours late.

Also if your cancellation falls within these cases, you can claim the following compensation. But it is depending on the distance between the origin and destination airports.

Turkish Airlines Change Policy

  • Ask the reason for the delay. You can ask the airline directly.
  • Get written confirmation from airline customer service.
  • Write down the actual arrival time (for example, opening of the plane door).
  • Gather additional evidence (for example, boarding pass, photos, receipts, etc.).
  • Put your flight information in the claim form.
  • Check in the event that you have entitled to compensation.
  • Assign your case to make a claim-free and without risk.

24-hour free cancellation policy

If your flight was canceled without notice of at least 14 days, you can claim compensation for the canceled flight or request a refund.

You can choose between two available options:

  • Can request a refund for your ticket.
  • Can request a flight change or an alternative flight.

If there is a delay in your alternative flight or flight change according to the scheduled arrival time, you have the right to request compensation for the canceled flight.

The amount varies between € 125 and € 600 depending on:

  • The days of notice
  • The length of the delay
  • The distance of the itinerary

How to claim compensation for Turkish Airlines delays?

Generally, when passengers approach the airline they receive excuses such as that everything is due to extraordinary circumstances for not offering compensation.

But the real reason behind every flight problem is known and you will be assisted with your claim.

To start with your claim, check your flight in our compensation verifier tool.

All you have to do is fill in the flight delay claim form, tell us your flight number, the date of the trip, and some additional information.

If you decide to continue your claim, certain personal information will be needed for you to assign your case by signing a digital contract.

With the policy "If we do not win, we do not charge", if the customer service does not solve your case successfully you will not have to pay anything. There is no financial risk, you only pay the commission if you receive your compensation.

Experts work with other teams with your claims to gather the necessary information from each case.

Your claims experts have access to flight information such as how long each flight was delayed, the reason, the time of departure and arrival, etc. All this makes us have a greater chance of success in winning compensation. Don't think about it anymore, claim your rights today.

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