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Domestic Flight

LAX - LAS10 Dec - 9 Jan
ATL - ORL10 Dec - 9 Jan
HOU - CHI10 Dec - 9 Jan
HOU - ORD10 Dec - 9 Jan
CHI- IAH10 Dec - 9 Jan

International Flights

NYC - PAR10 Dec - 9 Jan
BOS - DUB10 Dec - 9 Jan
CHI - AMS10 Dec - 9 Jan
BOS - ZRH10 Dec - 9 Jan
NYC - ROM10 Dec - 9 Jan

Airfare Deals

NYC- BCN10 Dec - 9 Jan
BOS - LHR10 Dec - 9 Jan
NYC - CPH10 Dec - 9 Jan
LAX - BJS10 Dec - 9 Jan
MIA - ATH10 Dec - 9 Jan

Turkish Airlines Flight Change Policy, Change Fee

Turkish Airlines is the official airline of Turkey and one of the largest in the world. In fact, it has been awarded the title of the best airline of the year on several occasions. It was awarded for the quality of its services above others as important as Emirates. Founded in 1933, its headquarters are at Istanbul Atatürk International Airport. In addition, it is the airline with the largest number of destinations.

Today, it is possible to book Turkish Airlines flights to 309 different cities. It spreads across Europe, Asia, North America, South America, and Africa. Its staff has almost 20,000 workers and transports, each year, an average of close to 50 million passengers. Only giants in the sector like American Airlines can come close to these figures.

Turkish Airlines is part of the Star Alliance airline alliance, one of the 3 largest in the world. Companies such as Avianca are part of it. For its part, its aircraft fleet is made up of a total of 329 units.

Most of these aircraft are Airbus, although the company also works with Boeing. In fact, its largest-capacity aircraft is the Boeing 777-300ER, which can carry 337 passengers. This type of plane is only available for airlines of the stature of this and British Airways, among others.

Turkish Airlines Change Policy

The first change, route change is done until December 31, 2021 (included) (trip completed). Rate differences will be there without applying a penalty for change. They add the charges for the rate differences due to the change request. The change request includes exchange fee, currency exchange differences, class differences, date changes, route, tax differences, etc.) and will be collected.

Turkish Airlines Change Fee

For bookings, airlines receive payment or guarantee with EMD between March 21, 2020, and June 20, 2020 (included). The airline makes the changes without penalty and without taking into account the existing rate rules. There is no guarantee that the same rate level for the new travel dates.

Turkish Airlines 24-hour Change

Travelers whose Turkish Airlines flight not has canceled yet, but who desire to delay their trip, can do it easily. However, most companies like Turkish Airlines offering either postponement or reimbursement of flights, often in the form of a credit note. Closure of borders at the entry point to the European Union and the Schengen area, flight suspension, compulsory confinement, or quarantine worldwide. In the midst of the Covid-19 epidemic, transport companies like the airline Turkish Airlines have put in place exceptional commercial measures for customers wishing to modify or be reimbursed for their Turkish Airlines plane ticket.

Turkish Same Day Change Fee

All flights operated by Turkish Airlines from airports in the EU must comply with European Union legislation, which protects the rights of air passengers in the event of flight delays.

According to EU Regulation No. 261, in the event of a flight delay, the airline is obliged to provide passengers with food and drinks and provide access to communication facilities. In addition, if necessary, the airline must accommodate passengers in a hotel and offer other flights.

Moreover, it happens that the flight is delayed due to the fault of Turkish Airlines. According to the law, the obligation of the airline is present to pay compensation to passengers. But keep a note that the delay was at least 3 hours. For more information, also see the Flight Delay Compensation Guide.

Therefore, if you are arriving at the airport with a delay of 3 hours or more, it is worth checking your flight. You may entitle yourself to compensation from Turkish Airlines for flight delays. Don't miss the opportunity to receive up to € 600 per person.

Turkish Airlines flight delay compensation is now very as easy as possible to apply for. By using the dedicated flight verification tool and the services of the Air Passenger Rights Specialists, you can check delays and check for exceptional circumstances that affect your eligibility for compensation. Typically, compensation can be claimed for flights that have been canceled or delayed in the past 3 years.

How does the Turkish Air same-day flight change policy work?

Although Turkish Airlines is not a European airline, it is obliged to comply with EU law when departing from an airport in the European Union. This means that passengers departing from an airport in the EU on a Turkish Airlines flight are protected by EC Regulation No. 261, which is one of the most comprehensive sets of air passenger rights in the world.

Turkish Airlines Schedule Change Policy

Thus, passengers have the right to claim compensation from Turkish Airlines for the delay, cancellation, or overbooking of the flight, provided that these circumstances arose through the fault of Turkish Airlines.

Unfortunately, such rights are not available for those flying from outside the EU. Turkish Airlines passengers arriving in the EU do not have the rights provided for by EU Regulation 261 if the airport of departure is outside the EU.

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