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United Airlines: Fly high with utmost comfort

American Airlines United Airlines is the world's largest air carrier. This status was achieved through a merger with Continental Airlines in 2010. It is not only the largest airline but also one of the oldest. It was founded in 1926, it was on its liners that food for passengers first appeared, and the first flight attendants also worked here. The company's flights within the United States and to other countries are operated by more than 700 aircraft. The base is at O'Hare International Airport, Chicago.

Cheapest United Airlines flights

To find and buy a ticket for a United Airlines plane at the best possible price, it is advised you to follow these simple recommendations.

Firstly, the price of air travel is highly dependent on time: the earlier you manage to buy a United Airlines ticket, the cheaper it will be. Hence, it will be most lucrative buying an air ticket beforehand, like airplane tickets with a departure date in 2-3 months, as an instruction, become much inexpensive than tickets with a departure date in the impending days.

Second, your traveling experience shows that it is not the direct flights of United Airlines that are cheapest, but the connecting flights.

Thirdly, experienced air travelers have such a life hack: it will be much more profitable to buy a plane ticket on Tuesday or Wednesday than on other days of the week.

Fourth, you will be able to spend the opinions collected on preceding flights and hotel bookings for saving money when purchasing new United Airlines tickets.

Fifth, you will receive offers from the airline directly. Often United Airlines Inc offers discounts for clients. To buy cheap tickets, stay tuned for news and special offers.

Sixth, don’t overlook that United Airlines flight fees differ depending on the precise date, so ensure to check the UnitedAirlines plane ticket prices for as a minimum a few adjacent days. In this circumstance,you might find and purchase a United Airlines ticket, which will become much cheaper.

Additional services on United Airlines flights

Membership in the club allows passengers to receive additional benefits when flying. With the accumulated bonuses, you can book a car for free, upgrade the service class, pay for an air ticket, etc.

- Children from 5 to 17 years old can travel independently, accompanied by airline employees.

- Itis possible to agree in advance for the carriage of pets (over 8 weeks old) as baggage or in the cabin.

- Passengers who need extra space can redeem another seat to feel as comfortable as possible in flight.

- Persons with disabilities during the flight can be provided with professional assistance, the service is booked in advance.

- Persons with disabilities during the flight can be provided with professional assistance, the service is booked in advance.

Allmodern check-in methods are available to the airline's passengers:

- Remote online check-in via PC or tablet;

- Mobile registration using a special application;

- Registration at the terminals;

- Boarding through standard check-in counters.

You can remotely issue boarding documents one day before departure (24 hours), both via the Internet and through mobile applications. A barcode can be sent to your mobile phone, which will become your boarding pass - you just need to scan it on a special device.

Baggagerules on United Airlines flights

Depending on the selected flight class, passengers are allowed to check in the following amount of things like checked baggage:

- Up to 23 kg in economy class (one piece of baggage);

- Up to 32 kg in business class (one piece of baggage);

- Up to 32 kg in first class (two pieces of baggage).

Passengers who have a second piece of baggage(except for those who fly in first and business class) must pay extra for its transportation.

All passengers have the right to take one small item into the aircraft cabin (control takes place on special frames at the airport). In the form of hand luggage, a handbag, a briefcase or a satchel/backpack, a laptop, and other items similar to the described options are taken.

United Airlines free carry-on baggage allowance

All baggage carried by the passenger, including baggage in the cabin of the aircraft, must be presented at check-in for the flight due to security requirements and aircraft loading control considerations. For the most part, overhead bins are similar in size in different types of aircraft, but despite this, airlines put forward significantly different requirements for cabin luggage. And this is no accident. The closer the seats are to each other, the more passengers can be accommodated in the cabin, and the less space is left for your belongings and vice versa. Paradox: the more passengers, the less baggage. This is how low-cost airlines work, and, in principle, they can be understood. And if you are ready to pay more for a ticket, sit more freely, and fly with expensive airlines, then you can take much more baggage! The dimensions of carry-on baggage that you can take with you on a United Airlines plane must not exceed56 cm in length, 35 cm in width, 22 cm in height.

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